Internet of Things

  • Allows users to point and select a device to control;
  • Deduces the user’s posture and direction of travel.

Sensors and new RF standards are working to enable a vision of interconnected devices to enrich everyday life.  A network linking real and virtual objects needs a simple user interface to provide control.  Using sensors and positioning reference beacons to track both the attitude and the position of a remote control, FreeMotion technology can enable an intuitive point-and-select control device to manage networked devices in a modern home.  Electronic devices equipped with sensors can also track their own positions in relationship to other devices, and to the users, to better understand usage contexts.

On July 11th 2014, Audience completed the acquisition of Sensor Platforms. Audience believes the combination of its Advanced Voice and Multisensory Processing with Sensor Platforms’ technology places the combined company in a unique position to deliver compelling solutions based on the fusion of voice and motion.

Multisensory user interface with context awareness will bring fresh differentiation and end-user value to the market for smartphones, wearables and other mobile devices. Sensor Platforms has developed key technologies and software infrastructure in this space, and the combination of our engineering teams will enable us to rapidly scale our capabilities in context awareness-based user interface.

Audience welcomes the Sensor Platforms team and thanks all of its partners for their continued support during this transition.