QuickLogic and Sensor Platforms, Inc. (SPI) Collaborate to Deliver Always-On Context Awareness for Smartphones

QuickLogic and Sensor Platforms, Inc. (SPI) Collaborate to Deliver Always-On Context Awareness for Smartphones

  • QuickLogic’s ArcticLink 3 S1 ultra-low power sensor hub and SPI’s best-in-class  FreeMotion libraries deliver always-on context awareness – enabling digital sixth sense
  • Ready-to-integrate solution enables immediate OEM integration

Sunnyvale, CA – October 28, 2013 – QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), the innovator of ultra-low power programmable Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs), today announced the company is collaborating with Sensor Platforms, Inc. (SPI) to address the mobile device OEM demand for always-on sensor capability enabling context awareness while consuming considerably less than 1% of typical smartphone system battery capacity.  The collaboration with SPI is an integral step in QuickLogic’s strategic sensor hub initiative to create an extensive ecosystem, and to expand its solutions portfolio that enhances the user experience in the high-growth, high-volume mobile device marketplace.

Sensors Platform’s FreeMotion Library is a collection of advanced algorithms and heuristics which are optimized for operation in mobile devices. The FreeMotion Library interprets sensor data to determine the position and orientation of the device and the context of the user.  QuickLogic’s ArcticLink 3 S1 ultra-low power sensor hub contains innovative QuickLogic-developed sensor hub technology, as well as provides a vehicle for the hardware implementation and operation of the FreeMotion libraries within a mobile device.

“The advances in MEMS-based sensors and sensor fusion technology are enabling the age of the digital sixth sense or always-on context awareness in mobile devices.  Commercializing these technologies requires tightly coupled collaboration between hardware and software partners,” said Brian Faith, QuickLogic’s vice president of worldwide marketing and sales.  “We are excited to collaborate with Sensor Platforms, a best-in-class sensor fusion and context awareness algorithm provider, to bring the unique combination of our ultra-low power sensor hub architecture and their FreeMotion library to the mobile market.”

“The next big step in mobile devices is the concept of always-on sensors, enabling ubiquitous context awareness and eventually determination of user intent,” said Frank Shemansky, Sensor Platforms’ vice president of business development.  “We are excited to work with QuickLogic, as we share a passion for bringing innovative products, incorporating software enabled sensor technologies, to market to enhance user experience and extend hardware capability.”

QuickLogic’s first catalog CSSP based on the ArcticLink 3 S1 ultra-low power sensor hub and SPI’s FreeMotion library is available today.  See www.quicklogic.com/sensorhub or contact info@quicklogic.com for more details.

About Sensor Platforms

Sensor Platforms, Inc. is a venture-financed company located in Silicon Valley that develops, for licensing, algorithmic software that enables consumer applications to better understand user contexts and intent.  The company’s FreeMotion™ Library makes sensor fusion and user context awareness available in smartphones and tablets, to combine and process data from installed sensors and microprocessors, in order to better interpret users’ movements and situations, and infer their intents.  For more information, visit www.sensorplatforms.com.

About QuickLogic

QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) is the inventor and pioneer of innovative, customizable semiconductor solutions for mobile and portable electronics OEMs and ODMs.  These silicon plus software solutions are called Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs).  CSSPs enable our customers to bring their products to market more quickly and remain in the market longer, with the low power, cost and size demanded by the mobile and portable electronics market.  For more information about QuickLogic and CSSPs, visit www.quicklogic.com.

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QuickLogic and Sensor Platforms, Inc. (SPI) Collaborate to Deliver Always-On Context Awareness for Smartphones

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