About Sensor Platforms

Sensor Platforms is a venture-financed company located in Silicon Valley that develops, for licensing, algorithmic software that enables consumer applications to better understand user contexts and intent.

The company’s FreeMotion™ Library makes sensor fusion and user context awareness available in smartphones and tablets, to combine and process data from installed sensors and microprocessors, in order to better interpret users’ movements and situations, and infer their intents.

FreeMotion Library Presentation


Sensor Platforms and ARM Introduce Open Source Software To Enable Sensor Hub Implementations

SAN JOSE, CA, April 7, 2014Sensor Platforms, a leading provider of algorithmic sensor software for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, together with ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor intellectual property supplier, announce the introduction of the world’s first open source software for sensor hub applications. The software, called Open Sensor Platform (OSP), will simplify the integration of sensors across multiple applications, and provide a flexible framework for more sophisticated interpretation and analysis of sensor data. Read more

Cadence Announces Sensor Platforms as New Tensilica HiFi Audio Partner

San Jose, California, Feb 18, 2014 –  Cadence Design Systems today announced that the FreeMotion™ Sensor Fusion and Context Awareness Libraries from Sensor Platforms, Inc. (SPI) are being ported….  Read more.

Sensor Platforms Announces Collaboration with Murata

San Jose, California, Jan 09, 2014 –  Sensor Platforms and Murata Manufactoring have announced their collaborative relationship.  Read more.

Sensor Platforms Adds Pedestrian Dead Reckoning to Its FreeMotion Library

San Jose, California, Dec 16, 2013 –  Sensor Platforms has added Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) to its FreeMotion™ Library, enabling applications such as indoor navigation, activity monitoring, and location-based services in mobile devices.  Read more.

Sensor Platforms’ Low Power Solution for Always-On Mobile Devices is Selected for Atmel’s New Sensor Hub Platform.

San Jose, California, Nov 18, 2013 –Sensor Platforms’ FreeMotion™ Library has been selected by Atmel Corporation as part of the ecosystem to support its recently announced low power, high-performance flexible SAM D20 Cortex M0+ core. Read More.

Sensor Platforms Optimizes Sensor Fusion Software for NVIDIA Tegra 4.

San Jose, California, May 13, 2013 — Sensor Platforms today announced that its FreeMotion™ Library of sensor fusion software is now ported to, and optimized for, the NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 mobile processor reference platform. Read More.

Upcoming Events

June 4: Kevin Shaw, CTO, will present at Touch, Gesture, Motion 2014 (San Diego, CA)

June 24: Kevin Shaw, CTO, will present at Sensors Expo 2014 in the Symposium on Making the Internet of Things a Reality: A Toolkit for Designing “Smart”(Chicago, Il)


On July 11th 2014, Audience completed the acquisition of Sensor Platforms. Audience believes the combination of its Advanced Voice and Multisensory Processing with Sensor Platforms’ technology places the combined company in a unique position to deliver compelling solutions based on the fusion of voice and motion.

Multisensory user interface with context awareness will bring fresh differentiation and end-user value to the market for smartphones, wearables and other mobile devices. Sensor Platforms has developed key technologies and software infrastructure in this space, and the combination of our engineering teams will enable us to rapidly scale our capabilities in context awareness-based user interface.

Audience welcomes the Sensor Platforms team and thanks all of its partners for their continued support during this transition.