Sensor Platforms Optimizes Sensor Fusion Software for NVIDIA Tegra 4

SAN JOSE, CA  (May 13, 2013) – Sensor Platforms today announced that its FreeMotion™ Library sensor fusion software is now ported to, and optimized for, the NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 mobile processor reference platform and is available for licensing by smartphone and tablet makers.

Tegra 4 delivers record-setting performance and battery life to flawlessly power smartphones and tablets, gaming devices, auto infotainment and navigation systems. Tegra 4’s 72-custom NVIDIA GPU cores and a quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU offer lightning-fast web browsing, stunning visuals and new camera capabilities through computational photography.

The FreeMotion Library now combines and processes data from installed sensors in Tegra 4 smartphones and tablets to better interpret users’ movements and situations, thereby inferring users’ intents. The software is sensor agnostic, enabling OEMs to purchase their sensors from multiple suppliers, and also optimizes sensor power consumption to enable longer battery life.

“Our software is fully integrated into NVIDIA’s powerful mobile processor platform,” said Dan Brown, CEO of Sensor Platforms. “Manufacturers who utilize the Tegra 4 reference design can license our FreeMotion Library with full confidence of compliance.”

Neil Trevett, vice president of mobile content,at NVIDIA, said:  “The FreeMotion Library produces an exceptionally high quality combined sensor data stream at low power levels.  This enables application developers to tap the full sensory potential of mobile devices without being deep sensor fusion experts.  Sensor Platforms then kicks things to the next level by generating true context awareness – so that applications can engage users through real-time insights into how the device is being used, carried and stored.”

This announcement follows recent news that the FreeMotion Library has been selected as a finalist for the EE Times and EDN 2013 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards in the category of Ultimate Products – Sensors.

About Sensor Platforms Inc (

Sensor Platforms is a venture-financed company located in Silicon Valley that develops, for licensing, algorithmic software enabling consumer applications to better understand user contexts and intent.

The company’s FreeMotion™ Library makes sensor fusion and user context awareness available in smartphones and tablets, to combine and process data from installed sensors and microprocessors, to better interpret users’ movements and situations, and infer their intents.

The library makes it easy for device OEMs to purchase their sensors and microprocessors from multiple suppliers without damaging user experience. It also automatically optimizes sensor and platform power consumption based on user movement and contexts, to enable longer battery life.

To create the breadth of the FreeMotion library, the company has assembled a multi-disciplinary engineering team with proven track records in control systems, machine learning, mixed signal design, motion kinematics, real-time systems, semiconductor device physics, and signal processing.

The company is located at 2860 Zanker Road, #210, San Jose, CA 95134. For information:, or 408.850.9350.

For more information on Sensor Platforms, please contact :

Tom Mahon, Thomas Mahon Associates

Sensor Platforms Optimizes Sensor Fusion Software for NVIDIA Tegra 4

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